About Immaculate Vegan

Who we are

Immaculate Vegan was born on Instagram by Annick in January 2017. Having become vegan six months previously, Annick was struggling to find vegan shoes that didn’t look like a pair of Cornish pasties, and was resigned to a future life of extreme frumpiness when – after a lot of digging around on Instagram – she discovered a world of stylish, animal-free fashion brands (they’re just not that easy to find unless you really know what you’re looking for).

Determined to show the world that high-end, beautifully designed vegan fashion not only exists but is thriving (with new brands, collections and materials seemingly launching every day) she set up Immaculate Vegan to curate and share the very best of what’s out there, to help inform and inspire our every day fashion choices.

When she met Simon in January 2018 it was a meeting of (oat-milk flat-white drinking) minds, and together the pair are hatching plans to further develop the Immaculate Vegan brand – watch this space!

Annick Ireland

I became a vegetarian about six years ago when I adopted a rescue greyhound, and realised it made no sense to cherish her but cause harm to other animals. The full penny dropped a few years later when I became vegan, and since then I’ve really enjoyed searching out and sharing the best vegan fashion brands and products I can find through Immaculate Vegan.

My background is in brand and marketing – I worked as Chief Marketing Officer for a number of large media organisations, running marketing, content, sales and client services functions – and I’m currently working as a Marketing Consultant helping start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs develop their business, brand and marketing strategies. I love being able to apply my professional experience and training to the world of vegan fashion: my mission is to make animal-free fashion accessible and aspirational for everyone, whether vegan or just looking to make good fashion choices.

I live in North London, and love travelling, yoga, pinot noir and vegan junk food (a bit too much).



Simon Bell

I recently moved to the country. My kitchen overlooks a field and cows come right up to my kitchen window. They come close enough to even lick the window! So the idea of eating them made me, well… uneasy. Then I watched the film Cowspiracy. I was always ‘green’ but this film blew me away and got me researching the subject. I came across Mic the Vegan who convinced me that an animal-free existence was the only way to go. For health, for animals, for the planet.

My background is also in marketing, having held senior marketing roles at Unilever, BBC, Hearst Magazines and Ogilvy. I now own and run my own digital agency, Diligent Commerce, which designs and builds the finest ecommerce sites for fashion brands and other retailers. My aim is to market something good. And to demonstrate that you don’t have to give something up to do good.


Our Philosophy

We all want to add more good choices into our lives, don’t we?

Once upon a time, materials such as leather, fur, wool and silk were considered the utmost in luxury and quality. But things change. We now know that there are better, less harmful choices we can make, without having to compromise on style or quality.

Immaculate Vegan is quite simply about good fashion – fashion that looks good and is good, for animals, people and the planet. We select the best vegan bags, footwear, accessories and beauty products, from the best brands around the world, so you can make the best choice possible.

We drive change

We’re not just here to inspire you with beautiful things (though we do that too); we’re here to help you make a positive impact on the world through the choices you make about what you buy. With you, we want to create an unstoppable movement that helps the world ditch animal products in fashion forever.

We champion creativity

The brands we seek out and champion aren’t giant corporations; they’re highly creative, usually smaller businesses combining a love for fashion, a desire to make a difference, and a passion for creating beautiful, high-quality, unique products.

We are for everyone

We don’t believe that vegan or ethical fashion should be snooty, judgemental or exclusive. We want to make it easy for everyone to make good fashion choices, whatever your preferences – it’s that simple.