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Interview with Marta Canga - Renaissance Girl

Marta Canga Vegan Blogger Wearing Votch

Born in Spain, raised in Belgium and now living in London (with a love of all things Japanese, where she has also lived), Marta Canga is the living definition of the word Cosmopolitan! She’s super smart (having studied Political Sciences in Belgium and both European Studies and History of International Relations in London), and is passionate about vegan and ethical fashion and living, a passion she shares through her Instagram blog, her website and her You Tube Channel.

She started blogging on Flickr in 2012 (before Instagram even existed), and launched the Marta Canga website in 2014, focused on fashion, beauty, travel and food. After becoming vegan in September 2015, her website (and her new You Tube channel) became the perfect outlets for sharing her vegan finds, and helping educate and inspire others.

She’s my go-to person for finding out about new brands, particularly in the area of ethical and sustainable clothing – she always seems to find the most beautiful collections, which she meticulously researches (so you know you’re safely making great fashion choices with anything she recommends). She’s also a brand ambassador and model for the award-winning vegan watch company Votch, and manages to juggle all of this with a full-time job, and some travel thrown in – phew! Check out our Immaculate Interview video interview with her below.


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