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Five Best Vegan Backpacks

Vegan Bags Vegan Backpacks Brave Vegan Backpack in Thyme Green by Matt & Nat

The hardy backpack is not just for those who like a practical solution to carrying around all their stuff (and it definitely isn’t only for hikers either). This vegan backpack selection includes some of the most stylish bags around, so as well as giving your posture a break, you’ll have a thing of beauty on your back. You just may not be able to see the admiring glances though! If you can’t find the colour you want, check out the brands mentioned, as all offer a wider range of colours not shown here. And of course there’s always more inspiration to be had from the Immaculate Vegan Shop page. Happy browsing.

Brave Vegan Backpack in Thyme by Matt and Nat (featured)

This backpack from the Loom collection by Canadian vegan brand Matt and Nat is a style that’s crossed over from last season (it’s a bit of a classic) and no wonder. It’s super roomy (it fits a 13″ laptop) and has several compartments, including side pockets, a front zipper pocket and internal zipper and smart phone pockets. Plus its boxy style says ‘modern’ and ‘high fashion’.

It also comes in eight other colours, and there’s a mini version if you want something a bit more dainty – or you just don’t have that much stuff to carry around!

Vegan Bags Vegan Backpacks Zip Detail Vegan Backpack in Black by The Lovely Things

Zip Detail Vegan Backpack in Black by The Lovely Things

This backpack keeps selling out it’s so popular – but it does get restocked, so if it’s not available, just keep an eye out for its return. It’s a slim design, with simple gold hardware and a zip decoration at either side, plus several compartments inside and out. The Lovely Things is a British vegan brand that’s known for its incredibly good value products (the prices are so affordable I challenge you to only buy one thing), and it’s just launched a new line of cork crossbody bags and wallets in simple minimalist styles. It also has a small line of clothing, jewellery and other accessories (like scarves), and brings in new styles all the time, so it’s always worth having a look to see what’s just come in.

Vegan Bags Vegan Backpacks Metropolitan Vegan Backpack in Brown by Lee Coren

Metropolitan Vegan Backpack in Brown by Lee Coren

This backpack is a city backpack that’s described as being ‘for your daily get-things-done needs, but also for travel, commuting and exploring’. The lust for travel and adventures permeates much of this Israeli designer’s ethos and her sumptious bag collection, which is really varied and includes some amazing luxurious prints, as well as more minimalist designs. This rucksack is really light, but still roomy and able to carry a lot, while a hidden compartment in the back secures your belongings on the go.

Vegan Bags Vegan Backpacks The Drawstring Vegan Backpack in Blush by JW Pei

Drawstring Vegan Backpack in Blush by JW Pei

This backpack comes in five other colours, but this delicate peachy-pink is my favourite, as it’s feminine whilst not being too sickly sweet, and still works as a neutral. It’s made by JW Pei’s signature ultra-microfibre luxury vegan leather, which offers a soft touch, superior durability and luxurious texture. They say it has a similar structure to leather, with all of leather’s great properties – but of course none of the cruelty. It’s also extremely lightweight: at 750g (approx. 1.6lbs), it’s about 40% lighter than similar leather bags.

Vegan Bags Vegan Backpacks Chanda Vegan Backpack in Fig by Matt & Nat

Chanda Vegan Backpack in Fig by Matt & Nat

To be honest it was hard to pick only two vegan backpacks from the new Matt and Nat collection, as they have such a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes and colours. However, I think this Chanda style is a nice contrast to the boxier Brave design shown earlier. This backpack comes from their Dwell collection, and has expandable gussets at the top that allow the opening to widen, and a snap closure at the top. It also comes in four other colours.


JW Pei, Lee Coren, matt and nat, The Lovely Things.


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